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So, the Québec scenario?

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simonvallee, I very much enjoy this scenario. Thank you!

Can I know how the gamed ended? I've been tweaking incessantly with the scenario to make it possible to get the real results and conciliating the real polls that were given in the first days of the campaign and for now I've not really succeeded. I even have yet another version with different regions and everything that I'm working on.

Just for some background, in the first days of the campaign, polls gave a strong advance to the PQ and a strong showing for the ADQ, but during the campaign, the PQ and the ADQ attacked each other very strongly and managed to get the Liberals through in the end. In the game, that would never happen, the PQ prefers to attack its biggest threat, the Liberals and the ADQ plays equally against both. Since the PQ's vote is better distributed, the normal ending is a majority government by Landry.

Oh, and not so disappointed to have absolutely no one who represents your own social views in the game?

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