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Chancellor Forever?

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It'd be great to play!

You COULD do it with the PMF game engine, but it'd be very unrealistic, but I'd probably play it nonetheless.

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what about a new P4E update? who really cares about germany?

Though I certainly want that P4E update...I'm starting to doubt whether or not it will ever come.

Germany would be cool thats for sure. With that system in place, there would be nothing to stop us from doing other PR systems (Israel anyone? :D )

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Thats true!  That would open up a whole new range of scenarios!  :D

Yes, I cannot emphasize how much that's the case.

With FPTP (PM4E-UK/Canada) you are limited to...





Carribbean Islands



One other African country (can't remember which)

All Latin America, nearly all of Asia, all of Oceania, all of Europe except the UK does not use FPTP.

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It would be nice to toggle the use of different electoral systems in a scenario.

That'd be a great idea. Also a very informative feature in general, as the effect of electoral systems on electoral results are also quite a field in political science :)

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