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I know you said it would be done when it was done

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I hate to nag yet again, but it has now been almost two months since the last update on the primary version. I know you said it would be done when it was done...and while I respect this, as someone who is looking forward to the game, I would just like to inquire as to what its status is.

I've been waiting for about four years for this, Tony. No, not stay-up-at-night excited...I'm not insane, but it's been four years (since I sent you an email noting how, in the original President 2000, you could run four GOP candidates and get what amounted to a primary with the momentum system used then...I still remember getting the response to that email...I lived in a different house at the time).

Now, you did say we would be getting updates in the Developer's Log, weekly if you could manage it. I'd be more than happy to settle for monthly. Honestly, I would...that's about the standard. But it's been over a month, and I haven't seen anything. Tony, you've made great games...I have yet to see a bad game as of yet, to be honest. That says something about your company. You do what you do very well, and I appreciate that. It's what keeps me coming back. But I'd just like to know what the status of something I've been waiting for a long time for is.

If it's a month off, a year off, six months off, or scheduled for the week after the Second Coming, fine. If it's coming out tomorrow, fine. I'd just like to know where you are. I know there aren't enough hours in the day; I'm not asking for you to spend hours and hours telling us about the game. I'm just asking for a simple status update. Please. Thank you very much.

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while i agree with you taft, I know that you know what the anwser is going to be. "we do not want to release any spesific dates so incase were not done we dont cause any controversy." Tony, and the rest of 80 soft are busy people. dont worrie it'll come out

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Thank you for the comments, concern, and reminder.

Developer's Log: there will be more starting in the next few weeks.

Status: The new President Forever won't be released soon - it is at least several months away. Hopefully fairly soon I'll be able to give more detail in the developer's log about new features, screenshots, and so on.

Sincerely and hope this helps,

Anthony Burgoyne


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Thank you very much. I mean this earnestly. I'm glad to know about both the diaries and the game. I am glad to hear that the project has remained in the works...and I'm going to be glad to see more developer's diaries. This tidbit has me satisfied for...quite some time now. Thanks again,


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So wait, am I to understand you correctly Tony?  The Primaries, which was supposed to be an update, is now going to be sold as a completely seperate game?

LOL. Probably. :lol: It is the right thing to do financially. Releasing a game every four years is not good business. Anywho, this is what happened with the supposed "major update" for President 2000. It "transmogrified" into the sequel.

I do not mind really. Perhaps if I were younger, I would, but since I am older since 2000, and have the financial means, I welcome major upgrades at cost for these one-of-a-kind games. However, if 80soft is to expect generous financial support from people, they need to keep us in the loop with our apetites whetted, and thus our wallets open.

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