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Has anyone ever thought about using the riding system they use in the Prime Minister games to come up with a scenario where you would try and win control of the US Senate? I'm not sure how realistic it would be since we only elect 1/3 of the Senate at a time. I would suggest you could do this for the US House however, 435 House races would be quite an undertaking. I would attempt to do this myself except that I do not understand the creation of scenarios in the slighest (even though I do enjoy playing all of the scenarios everyone else has come up with). So yeah that is my idea. I'm not sure if it is feasible, but it would be awesome!

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Then you should have some way of tracking each individual race. The most annoying thing in PM Forever, IMHO, is that you have to flick through pages and pages of seats, and there's no indication of momentum in each individual seat, or of percentage gains etc. Being able to order the seats according to these parametres would be nice too.

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I am trying to make something along those lines but the legislature is not the US Senate but a generic body with 70 seats. The only problem is getting the map to work. I just can't seem to figure that one out. When I load the scenario all that happens is error messages about the initilize riding data (can't find province) and the map won't load. Haven't figured out where the bug is.

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