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Kind of like the post I made in the PM4E forum, has anyone thought of making a modern Soviet President scenario? Gorbachev was the first and only President of the Soviet Union (which I'm sure you all know anyway), but suppose he hadn't been the ONLY one. Suppose his reforms worked and the USSR stayed together, but maybe became more open, had a few more political parties and the like.

Again, I'll take a shot at it, but I'm not very good at making scenarios. If anyone else wanted to try though, I'd help as much as I could.

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Sounds like a good idea to me. To make it as realistic as possible but still have the diverse parties you could make Gorbachev's party the Communist party *although that would make his reforms HUGELY successful for him to have reformed it & solidified it behind him*, a hard-line faction that broke away from the Communist party, a pro-democracy radical party that thinks Gorbachev didn't bring reform he just dressed up authoritarianism, and I'm not incredibly familiar with any other strong political factions in the USSR around that time period so maybe somebody else has an idea for a 4th 'party'?

Good possible candidates:

Communist party: Mikhail Gorbachev

Hard-line faction: Viktor Grishin, Grigory Romanov, Yegor Ligachev

Radical faction: Boris Yeltsin, Yegor Gaidar

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Another thing that would make scenario design more simple is designing the issue stances according to Soviet standards, as in Liberals would favor less government intervention in social AND economic issues and Conservatives would favor maintaining or strengthening government intervention in these areas, as compared to American standards, Liberals favoring less government intervention in social issues but more on economic issues & vice-versa for Conservatives, because designing issue stances by the American way of defining liberal & conservative would cause candidates to have vastly criss-crossing beliefs *example, Yeltsin would be extreme left on social issues but extreme right on economic issues*

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I made a hypothetical Russia scenario a few months back, you're welcome to use it as a model if you want:


Thanks. I have it, and now I'll use at least some photos from it.

Anyway, I have the map done. Currently, it's just divided by each republic. I really don't think it needs to be divided down too much more, but what does everyone else think?

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If you were going to make a Soviet scenerio you should do a 1918 - 1922 or period. There were four Communist Party factions.

Right Majority

candidates: Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin

Right Opposition

candidate: Nickolai Bukharin

Left Opposition

candidates: Karl Radek, Leon Trotsky, Christian Rakovsky, Natalia Sedova

Workers Oppposition

candidates: Alexandra Kollontai, Alexander Shlyapnikov

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In response to it being divided up by the Republics...thats a good idea except for Russia, I'd split it up some more. But for Central Asia, Eastern Europe & the Baltics that'll work just fine. Russia is WAAAAAY too large to be considered one state in this game though.

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In response to it being divided up by the Republics...thats a good idea except for Russia, I'd split it up some more. But for Central Asia, Eastern Europe & the Baltics that'll work just fine. Russia is WAAAAAY too large to be considered one state in this game though.

OK. I'll look at how to divide it up more. I don't want to do ALL of the current Russian republics, but maybe three to five sections.

So far I have most of the candidates made, the issues, and the regional flags. I have the map done, but I'll need to divide it up more.

The parties that I have currently are:

CPSU - A more Gorbachevian, social-democratic communist party. (democratic socialists, Gorbachev-like reformers)

Conservative Party - Older, hard-line commies who want the more totalitarian system back. (hardcore communist, restrictive party)

Reform Party - More liberal, Yeltsin-like reformers who are demanding even more change at a faster pace. (High personal freedom, free market, European liberals)

Nationalist Party - I'm not quite sure about this one yet. I don't know if I want it to be a Soviet nationalist party (We must be teh UbEr pwer!) or an independent soverignty party (like the Baltics in the early 90s). What do you think?

I know progress is slow on this scenario (and I haven't even started on the PM4E one yet), but I just don't have much time to work on it. I was gone from Friday until just a few hours ago, and I'm also training at a new job. I really want to get it done soon, but it's hard to find time.

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Great idea. I'd love to play this.

You may want to check out this game that is based on exactly this period. Might gives you ideas for parties, candidates and issues (see the 'policies' button):


I think you may have to run it in DOS.

Thanks. I actually have that game. I think it kicks arse.

In other news...


Here's most of the Read-Me that will come with it.


After Gorbachev's rise to power in 1985, history changed. Gorbachev's reforms passed and the USSR held together. The attempted coup against Gorbachev only caused him to push even harder for reform and in 1995 he finally succeeded in making the Soviet Union a republic with multiple parties. He won the first ever presidential election in 1995 and won again in 2000, thus securing his reforms in the nation. However, the president can only serve two five year terms, so Gorby is out of the picture.

Now, four main parties are duking-it-out for the Presidency of the Soviet Union: the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (a reformed, almost democratic-socialist CPSU), the Conservative Party (old, hard-line Soviets), the Reform Party (liberal reformers) and the Nationalist Party (pro-soverignty reformers). While the Nationalist Party is mainly a Baltic regional party, it is poised to make some gains in the Union with enough campaigning. The other three parties can all probably win, but the CPSU and the Conservatives start out in front of the Reform Party. However, with enough barnstorming, anything may be possible.

The Candidates (in no particular order):


Boris Gryzlov

Mintimer Shaimiev

Yuri Luzhkov

Sergei Glazyiev

Mikhail Gorbachev


Vladimir Putin

Gennady Zyuganov

Nikolai Kharitonov

Vladimir Zhirinovsky

Oleg Malyshkin

Yegor Ligachev


Vladimir Lukin

Grigory Yavlinsky

Irina Khakamada

Sergei Mitrokhin

Boris Yeltsin

Yegor Gaidar


Valdas Adamkus

Vaira Vike-Freiberga

Arnold Ruutel

I didn't divide up Russia because most of the EV numbers are low enough that it won't really matter. The Conservatives can win without Russia, as can the Reformers, or even the CPSU. So, in the end, it should all work out.

I'm packing it up and sending it in right now. Thanks to all of you who took an interest!

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