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2004 - Modern Magiks

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Imagine this world:

Magic exists, as do a few sentient humanoid races. The most common in the US are Dark Elves, Orcs, and Humans. Magic is controlled by the government, you have to be licensed to use it. The President is John McCain, he is up for reelection in 2004. It's a hard election with the reemergence of a new Magical Weapons Ban up for discussion. The major political parties are the Republicans and Democrats. The two minor parties are the Humanoid Rights and the Libertarian/American Magi fusion party. The American Magi candidate tended to share enough of the views of the Libertarian ticket that the two parties joined forces to be on every ballot in the nation with their candidate.

This is a world I had originally devised for a D&D game...which will carry over into a new Mage game I'll be running. I've made this as a President Forever scenario, I recently won in a very close race as McCain:


Link to Picture if it Doesn't Load: http://www.picturevillage.com/photo/showpi...30566&aid=13932

What do people think? Should I submit a scenario like this?

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That would be an interesting scenario...tho, my crazy scenario is based on my wierd Mage world-setting.

Hmm...that would be an interesting game, Dwarves vs Elves vs Humans vs Orcs...

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