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Re-sizing flags?

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Private Message, but hell, I'll just put it here. Thanks, HRC, I appreciate it. :)

My best friend in this process is a free program called Ifranview.(Download at ifranview.com) Since I don't have Paint Shop Pro (PSP, in my terms) or Photoshop, I use that. First, find the photo. Official ones are nice, but "in-Action" photos are also nice. Use Google and Yahoo's image searches to find good ones. Try to go a bit big, and a good area around the face. Also make sure he or she is facing the camera and looks reasonably good. Let's use Peter MacKay as an example. This is one of my better ones.


OK, so Peter needs to be cut to 75 Pixels by 87. His head is too big to fit. So, reduce the photo to about....hmmm....66 percent to 75. If you want to use pixels to determine, make sure to stay within the proportion, most programs have a function for that. So, now that Pete's got a nice size (I reduced it about 66 percent), let's use your best friend: The Cropping tool.


Simply select around the person's face. Make sure to get ALL of their face(If you're just off, make sure your even on size, or reduce the size of the picture again.) Try to get some background and the top of the tie, if possible. Make REAL sure that it's again, 75X87 (Something on the screen will usually give you the size of the selection, on Ifranview, it's on the top bar).


Now, go to the "Edit" menu, and "Crop Selection". Bam, you got your picture!


Simply save as a Bitmap (BMP) into your President Forever directory. Then, just load it inot the editor. Voila!

Few hints: Try to go all colour or all black and white with the rest of the candidates, unless they're really obscure.

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