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West Wing - 2006


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A new scenario is now up:

"West Wing" - 2006, by Daniel Schrader/Adam Sarnstrom

You can go to the President Forever Updates/Scenarios page to download this scenario.

Please note: this is a third-party scenario - 80soft did not make this scenario.

The 80soft.com Team

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A good selection of candidates with well-written bios and pictures. Couple of things strike me as odd - Vinnick is portrayed as being very much a popular, liberal Republican yet in the scenario he begins behind in the race and almost all of his policy positions are deeply unpopular. This should be contrasted with Santos who is maintaining some less mainstream views - particularly on issues such as teacher tenure. There could have been some more tailoring of the issues to the debates on the show.

Slightly more weirdly is that the Democrats begin ahead in California. I say weirdly because the show is pretty clear that the reason the Democrats fear Vinnick is because they feel he'll take California. It's still easy enough to win in the scenario but nonetheless it seems odd.

That said, a really good scenario with some varied challenges (try playing as Butler - begins 94-356 ECVs against).


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