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Well, as far as I know, you can't put in the exact poll numbers for each state and every time you start a new game the number come out differently. For example, I played a game where Texas was only "slightly Bush" while he was leading Ohio and Florida by double-digits. So remember that it's impossible to get the numbers exactly how they are in real life every time you play. Also remember that when you just start, the polls are inaccurate and in my experience, after the first weekend, states that seemed to be inaccurate, such as Texas in that game, start to come back to a more "realistic" figure.

PS Um, well, according to some polls Bush has a 14 point lead in Wisconsin!! :o

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show me this 14 point lead or show me a poll in which polls has a 5% lead in either in 3 out of those 4 states i mentioned


14 point lead in Wisconsin for Bush, Kerry leads by two in Michigan, Oregon has Kerry up by seven, Washington has Kerry up by one. Numbers supplied by pollingreport.com.

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