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Protestant Reformation Review

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Very enjoyable, though I have one thing that you need to correct: The flag of Sweden is incorrect. The flag included as Sweden's in the game, is actually the flag of the southern Swedish region, Skåne. The real Swedish flag:


I very bitterly lost as Luther. I had 243 electoral votes, the most of the candidates, but with 20% of the popular vote I was the candidate with the fewest votes! Charles V's had 31%, and in the end the election was given to him (it was a tie, as noone reached the 362 needed). Two well-placed scandals almost saw me victorious...

I'll give the Western version a spin at some point too. But thumbs up for making the scenario! :)

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I'm glad you are enjoying it. Yeah, I'm thinking I might add like 4 or 5 more candidates, fix the Jay Leno thing (which I've done to my version but not the one I've submitted), raise Luther's integrity to 5 (because right now he's the weakest candidate and the Lutheran's have a hard enough time as it is) change the Sweden flag, perhaps separate Scotland from the rest of England, and a few other minor adjustments. I dunno... what do you think? worth going back and improving?

Oh, and K-uglen your situation was EXACTLY why I made the western edition. It's so hard to win in the entire Europe one (especially as Lutheran.) Anyways, for an easier, although still challenging go at it, try Western Edition.

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I did revenge myself in the western version, and despite losing the Holy Roman Empire by a hand's width, I was still declared the winner after winning the most electoral votes! :) Playing it actually reminded me a tiny bit of playing Medieval: Total War, where religion in various regions also plays a role.

Essentially, I think it's good as it is (with the Sweden flag being changed).

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