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2008: Constitution Party Rising

Kerry Edwards for President

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Get rid of the theocracy element, does the premise of strict adherence to the constitution appeal to you? Just a question of curiosity.

Regarding your point of the third party's; I agree, to a point. There are two kinds of political parties...

1. A party that is willing to adjust its platform to embrace more people. Thereby allowing it to gain more power and relevance at the cost of becoming more mainstream. This also runs the risk of eventually becoming indiscernible from either of the two major parties.

2. A party that is group of zealots, holding steadfast to a set of principles that will only attract 500,000 people at the maximum (0.25% of the US population). Hardly a number to be considered by the news media. These people get together to rant and make each other feel good about their shared beliefs. It is a political, group therapy session; irrelevant and unnoticed.

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that's also true.

But they do serve a very important part of our political process. Like stealing votes from candidates in very close elections, giving the final result to his opponent who actually got less votes overall.

OK that' the last reference to 2000 from me.

:( I will miss it. Was really the only thing us Dems had.

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In regards to your comment.....

"i don't see republicans or democrats dancing around or ignoring the constitution

"i don't know their entire platform but I'm pretty sure every party listens to (or tries to listen to) the constitution"

In my humble opinion, I think this is where people make a mistake when aligning themselves with a particular party.

There are some obvious parties that would do everything in their power, if in power, to overthrow the Constitution; the US Communist Party and the American Nazi party to name two. Others seek to warp or ammend the constitution to their own political philosophy; the Socialist Party USA, the Green Party and the Libertarian Party. Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have done this as well; and since they have more opportunities to do this, they have done it the most. For over a hundreds years the DNC and the GOP have been appointing federal judges. As a result, the view of reading the constitution has become one of manipulative interpretation instead of a definitive base of law.

Here is an example of a recent, obvious violation of the constitution that has gone unchecked. Only the Congress has the right to declare war. This makes each member of the House and Senate accountable to the people the represent, weather it be a state, or a congressional district. In this day and age going to war is a descriptions that is increasingly unpopular. War also, predictably, goes bad before it gets better (if it does get better). This unpopularity is exaggerated by a 24 hour news cycle where graphic images and shocking stories boost ratings. As a result every member of congress and every senator passed the buck, the responsibility and, in their mind, the consequences when the decision of Afghanistan and Iraq came up, voting to "give" the responsibility to the president even though, as defined in the constitution, it is not their provider to give it to anyone.

The constitution is now being described as a "living, breathing document" when a constitution should be the fast, set standard of law. Now it sounds like I am a Constitution Party pundit. In all honesty I am a registered Republican. I am just stating that adhering to the Constitution, rather than interpreting it to our own will, is an idea that had merit.

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. In this day and age going to war is a descriptions that is increasingly unpopular

most bush voters support the war and bush won so maybe the war isn't as unpopular as u think

i think everybody interprets the constitution in their own way because the constiution is a broad document and this isn't just about right and wrong there is a gray area

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