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2008: Constitution Party Rising

Kerry Edwards for President

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Ventura has said that he will run as an independent in 2008. :D

Jesse Ventura Considering 2008 White House Run

Thursday, April 15, 2004

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Refreshed from a semester as a visiting professor at Harvard University, former pro wrestler and Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura (search) says he's considering an independent run for the White House in 2008, although he acknowledges that being leader of the free world might be too confining for him.

"That's an issue with me. I love my freedom," Ventura said in an interview with The Associated Press at his office at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. "The part that would bug me is I wouldn't be able to get up in the night and drive to the 7-11 for a Slurpee, not without them blocking off the roads, welding the manhole covers shut, and everything else that goes along with it."

Ventura has not made a firm decision on a presidential run. He is weighing the concerns of his wife, Terry, who has told him she won't go with him if he wins the White House. His solution: move the White House to Minnesota.

For more on the campaign, click to view Foxnews.com's You Decide 2004 page.

"What would hold me back would be my family. The brutality of the campaign, the ruthlessness of the Democrats and Republicans," he said. "If it looks like I might win, there's no telling what they would do. They're very desperate people when it comes to third parties."

Still, Ventura speaks like a man preparing to be a candidate. He said he'll decide next year because he'll need plenty of time to get on the ballot. And he won't have a political affiliation — "No party, no nothing," he said.

He's already come up with a campaign message: "Elect someone who truly is not controlled by special-interest money. With me, you would get a true check and balance," Ventura said.

One of his first acts would be to try to abolish the income tax in favor of a sales tax, which Ventura says is a better indicator of wealth.

Ventura, 52, shocked the political establishment in 1998 when he used his message of social liberalism and fiscal conservatism — and his sizable personality — to defeat two better-known and better-funded candidates to become the first third-party governor of Minnesota.

But he left office four years later, disillusioned and discouraged after a frustrating final year.

His semester at Harvard — including parties until the wee hours — has renewed his faith in America and his political ambitions, he said.

"The best way I can describe it is rehab," Ventura said. "For someone getting out of office like me, even though I've been out for over a year now, it's equivalent I think to an alcoholic or the drug addict going to the Betty Ford clinic."

Harvard took a calculated risk in inviting the boisterous Ventura, a former Navy SEAL, talk-show host and movie star with only a high school diploma. In his pro wrestling persona, The Body, he draped himself in a pink feather boa.

Harvard Institute of Politics director Dan Glickman, the former congressman and Clinton administration agriculture secretary, said he knew some people privately questioned whether Ventura belonged. Yet by the end of the semester, which concludes Friday, some faculty poked around Ventura's office, hoping to catch a glimpse of the man whose study groups were unconventional but always well attended.

"Quite frankly, he's an important historical force in American politics," Glickman said.


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The Constitution Party (CP)? There are a lot of people who would consider this party if they would do a few things.

1. Soften some of their sharp edges. Most people agree that the GOP & DNC are way outside of the Constitution and the people they nominate for the courts will continue to allow them to drive "outside of the lines." However the CP treats their platform like a revival. It is fine, an IMHO constitutionally protected, to talk of God and Religion. It is a founding principle of the United States. The CP, howerever, presents their party in such a way that the Joe Couch-Potato thinks that the "CP wants to turn the oval office into the center of the Bible belt." If the CP stuck to the goal of restoring the republic to the constitutional roots, the party would do better.

2. Stop running on fumes. This party needs to get some money behind their candidate. Radio talk shows and a cross-country speaking tour will not produce a viable presidential candidate. This party seems to be trying to get a potato plant to produce a rose blossom.

3. Pick a candidate who people recognize. The party needs a presidential candidates with some pop and some coat tails. If the CP could attract a candidate with some built in recognition he would decrease the amount of capital required to attract some attention. In addition, their presidential candidate would get some press and local papers from Small Town, USA would be inclined to cover CP candidates.

The DNC and GOP will continue to take for granted their disillusioned party members as long as their are no rational alternatives. If the Green Party and the CP get their acts together and stop looking through their ideological tainted sunglasses they will attract these disillusioned people and US politics will become very interesting. Unfortunately for these two parties, and political junkies everywhere, it is the ideological tainted sunglasses that attracted and continues to hold their core party membership.

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these guys are religious nutjobs who want to turn this country into a theocracy and i would never wanna see a day when america is run by people like this

also the basis behind these third parties is to represent their core beliefs and to promote these beliefs if they stop backing their core beliefs than whats the point of the party

look at the green party and the reform party the green party stuck by it's beliefs and picked a candidate that would represent their beliefs the reform party went against their entire platform and picked nader just so they could get more votes

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