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I don't know how good it would look next to the candidates name, but if you were to put a * or some other symbol next to the incumbants name in the riding file, then when you are viewing the results you would know which ridings were changing. It may sound stupid but wouldn't this do the trick?


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the moment the game is started, it auto loads the ridings file,

as far as i am aware, nothing changes until you hit done turn for the first time

so each riding will display the proportional vote according to the last election, in the cases of the scottish culled elections, they roughly reflect what would be expected.

Granted, looking at all the riding files during turn 1 will be mind numbing, so just starring them in the riding file would be much easyer, a good suggestion...

i shall use it in the scenarios i am creating...

cheers :D

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I put (Inc.) after all incumbents - except for cabinet ministers who get their portfolio name in brackets, like in Winnipeg North:



Rey Pagtakhan (WED)






Kris Stevenson



New Democratic


Judy Wasylyclia-Leis (Inc.)




Pagtakhan was Minister of Western Economic Diversification and Wasylyclia-Leis was an NDP incumbent. I find trying to pick off / hang on to cabinet members and incumbents gives the game a little extra dimension. If you want to get really nerdy about it, after a win I sometimes go down the list of seats and see who'd I put in cabinet.

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