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I just played Prime Minister Forever and I was thinking to myself "Man, I love creating attack ads and I enjoy the thrill of spinning a story, I wish there was more of that in Prime Minister Forever" but I also thought to myself "wow, its sucks that I have to use my valuable CPs when I spin the news!"

I think it would be good if the "spin" option was expanded upon. maybe this game could have a "spin room", a button you click on the main screen, that opens a window that controls more complex and detailed spinning features. Since elections lately have become mostly a media war, I think it would be great to detail that whole perspective of an election with this "spin room"

This "spin room" could merge with the advertizement feature and would not be powered by CPs, instead they could be replaced by a pre-determined amount of "SPs" (spin points). These SPs could be used to deal with a greater number of news items, in the game there are only 3 or 4 per-day. They could be used to create and speed up ads and basically just control what gets done in the spin room

as for features of the spin room, some ive brain-stormed are:

-more variety of news agencies: Instead of just one magical "national newspaper" that presumably all the imaginary voters in Prime Minister Forever read every day, perhaps there could be a number of newspapers/TV stations/Radio stations which operate and circulate only in certain ridings and regions of the map. This would make the "spin game" more challenging and fun, as you compete for media attention in different regions of the country.

-more specific control of advertizements (choice of newspaper ads, radio ads, tv ads; select specific tv stations/newspapers which circulate only to specific ridings; more variety of ad topics, ability to construct specialized messages in ads (ie "personality ad")

-image consultant: controls way that candidate is portrayed to media.. ability to select what personality features a candidate will highlight to the public, and these factors would be what controls a candidates level of "charisma". Also, the image consultant could be used to create personality ads, custom made ads that highlight certain personal characteristics of a candidate (father-figure/mother-figure, friendly, man's man, effeminate, religious person, moral conviction, good looks, etc etc etc). And ofcourse you could attack an opponents based on their negative personal qualities as well

-punditry: hire and/or gain the endorsements of various pundits to advocate for your party.. Imagine how much fun it would be to recruit a little dork like Tucker Carlson! Or even worse, Ann Coulter.... Basically these spinsters play a huge role in politics today, they could work like crusaders perhaps, each of them carrying various levels of followers, credibility, notoriety, and ability to persuade etc

-stage media-events: sometimes candidates will not 'barnstorm' and talk with real people, but instead will just pose in front of some noteworthy backdrop. This option could allow a candidate to choose from a list of national landmarks/public events that would get them news attention

anyways thats all i got for now, but im sure theres a million other ways to make the whole media aspect of the game more interactive. if anyone else can think of some good ideas, please share!


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