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President Forever Vs. The Political Machine

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I love Burgoyne's game. It's the most constructive way to game an hour. I know you're out there, those of you who get emboldened watching the evening news and take democracy in your own hands as a release and a rush. For a moment in time your `what if' becomes customized and either you unrealistically conquer the electorate or find yourselves in a dead heat spent on `fast' mode election day with expectation.

Yet there is another simulation in the process. Having not played it yet, I'm curious as to what comparisons may be drawn between President Forever and the Political Machine for those of you who have played both. Let it down.

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Another stupid thing they did on PM was instead of having DC (3) and Maryland (10) as 2 seperate "states", they put them together has Maryland (13)...that wouldn't even work in real life. Even if D.C. was in Maryland that would only equal one congressional district (1EV) so Maryland would have 11...plus that would open the wound that a Republican could win Washington D.C.

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