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Pardon the longwindedness of some of these suggestions. I'm a history major; I can't help it. :D

Vice Presidents really weren't a big issue, since the Twelfth Amendment had been ratified in 1804 and the issue had been resolved.

Guns weren't an issue, I don't think, since pretty much everyone had one.

France wasn't causing much trouble at that point, either. Perhaps you could replace English Relations and France with a more encompassing "Monroe Doctrine" issue?

Left: America must always use force to defend its interests.

Center-Left: America must be master of its own hemisphere, force as a last resort.

Centrist: America should always use diplomacy to resolve North American issues.

Center-Right: America should let Britain handle North American conflicts.

Right: America should keep to itself, let the rest of the Americas alone.

Also, democracy was a big issue that year, as I believe that was the first year property ownership was not a qualification for voting in most of the states, the issue of The Franchise might supersede Women's Rights, which really didn't become an issue until after the Seneca Falls Convention in 1848.

L: Everyone (women and free blacks) over 21 should have the right to vote.

C-L: Every white person over 21 should have the right to vote.

C: Every white man over 21 should have the right to vote.

C-R: Property ownership should remain a requirement for voting.

R: Property ownership and income should be requirements for voting.

You might also consider replacing Business Tax with The Tariff, since that was a pretty huge issue in 1824 and the next two elections.

L: Abolish the tariff!

C-L: Tariffs hurt American agriculture, lower the tariff significantly.

C: Do not alter the tariff.

C-R: Tariffs protect industry, raise the tariff significantly.

R: No tariff reduction, ever!

The Missouri Compromise had also just been passed 4 years earlier, you could also use that as an issue, maybe replacing Slavery.

L: Slavery should be abolished in the Louisiana territory.

C-L: Slavery should be abolished north of 36'30.

C: New state legislatures should decide whether to allow slavery.

C-R: Congress should decide whether to allow slavery in the new states.

R: Slavery must be allowed in the Louisiana territory at all costs!

In the same vein as The Franchise, the caucus system of members of Congress getting together and nominating presidential candidates was controversial, as it seemed outdated and undemocratic. You could use Presidential Nominations as an issue, from an early form of primary on the left to dictation of successor by the President on the right.

L: Direct nomination by the electorate.

C-L: National nominating convention made up of delegates selected by the people.

C: National nominating convention made up of delegates selected by party leaders.

C-R: Keep the caucuses as is.

R: The President should handpick his successor.

Internal improvements (roads, canals, universities, etc.), as someone said before, were also a big issue, you could probably replace Guns with it:

L: The federal government should fund massive internal improvements.

C-L: The federal government should fund some internal improvements.

C: The federal and state governments should fund improvements equally.

C-R: The states should fund most internal improvements.

R: Only states should fund internal improvements, no federal involvement!

I'm hard-pressed for another issue, so unless anyone else comes up with a better one, I'll suggest Sectionalism for your last issue.

L: Nationalism before sectional interests always!

C-L: National interests before sectional interests most of the time.

C: National and sectional interests must be given equal consideration.

C-R: Sectional interests before national interests most of the time.

R: Sectionalism before national interests always!

So here's my suggestions for issues:

Presidential Nominations

Internal Improvements

Monroe Doctrine

The Franchise

Missouri Compromise

The Tariff


National Bank






Military Funding

Native American Conflicts


Slave Trade


I hope this was somewhat helpful, anyone have more suggestions?

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Wow, thanks CubsFan!

Great work Cubsfan!  :D

No problem, and thanks. I can't really take too much credit for it, since we just did an entire unit on the 1824 election (plus the whole dirty "corrupt bargain" thing) in my Jeffersonian history course before finals, so it's still kinda ingrained in my mind! The only other issue in your list, KE, that I was going to address but didn't know how to is Campaigning. How particularly were you going to use that?

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