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She floored Blunkett first time out, so I thought I'd give her somethig more testing - and she beat Brown as well. Just. 31 short of an overall majority, but the Unionists would give her another 11.

On both occasions she just concentrated on England - ignoring Scotland & Wales - and it more or less works.

Would be an interesting Parliament as a result, though. The issue of Scots independence would presumbly rise again, and even the Welsh might be stired into action.

Interesting that in some counties Labour got more votes but fewer seats than the Conservatives.

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Can you send it to me too? That map looks freakin amazing!


Anne Widdy as leader of the Conservatives would be more amazing than the map!!!!

The Tories need to modernise not bring back the dinosaurs. I liked the woman and she spoke her mind not just what the focus groups told her was popular like most politicians. But she is associated with the John Major government {John Major the Kim Campbell of British politics} and the Tories need to bring in new faces, Davis, Fox or Cameron,in order to capture the younger voters.

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That would actually be an interesting result, because while the Tories would get the support of both unionist parties, the Lib Dems would in reality almost certainly go for brown, as would the nationalists in northern ireland. Who formed the government would thus depend on how many seats the SNP and Plaid Cymru won

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