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A Campus Election Scenario:

Set at my College Campus, (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute), in 2004. The election pitted the incumbent party of 15 years against a new, up-and coming party, (which was actually led by me). Issues of the time were the Campus Judicial System, The Executive Board, (a body composed of student, all selected, who determine a fee all students on campus pay, the funds of which go to nearly ALL student run clubs), and televising Student Senate meetings.

As one who was heavily involved in the election, I thought it would be an interesting and different scenario to try creating. So far, the map is basically a bunch of rectangles to represent the different bodies of voters on campus, [Grad Students, Greeks (frat/sororities), Freshman, Off-Campus upperclassman, On-Campus upperclassman].

One additional item of note, from 1998 through 2003, the Inanimate Objects Party (inflatablewhale.com) ran an Inflatable Whale they named Arthur Galpin for Grand Marshal, (our highest ranking student government position). In this scenario, you can turn on that party, which takes a good chunk of votes from apathetic off-campus upperclassmen :lol:


I don't have images of 2 of the candidates yet, so they're faces are replaced with the images for their political parties. Anyone seem interested?

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Thanks, our last election was really crazy. The political machine that dominated our Student Government for so long was beaten by a political party that I made...and ran a strong, crazy campaign for our candidates against them :D

We got on 3 Senators and the two highest ranking positions in Student Government...Next year, I hope for us to do better :D

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SSV, I wasn't sure if anyone would care, but while I'm making it I figured I'd post about it and explain how/what I did. I'll submit the final version after I tweak a few more of the issues, (I don't think Social Security or Health Care are really important issues for a campus election).

Also, I may have made the SBadia Party a little more powerful than may be fun...but then again, it was a 51% to 37%...with 12% write-ins.

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