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British Election Game?

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As another of your UK users I would also love to Beta test the UK version!!!

One specific aspect I can help test for is how well it runs in emulation on the MAC - for all us MAC users out there .

In the UK version i hope the smaller [but crucial] Scottish and Welsh nationalists will be included? Also will you be including Northern Ireland with their completely separate political parties? I guess this will be something of a challenge in design terms - 660 seats, 3 main parties, key regional parties, and the ability to include parties like UK Independence [who could well impact the next election as the Referendum Party did in 97].


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I would definitely like to beta test this one too. And good luck to Steve in the Midlands campaign! New Labour landslides on my own PC will be fantastic. John Snow eat your heart out (that's the UK's political graphics guy on BBC election night - always a laugh!)

That's Peter Snow...

Jon Snow is the bloke on Channel 4 News, when it's not Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

"But that's just a bit of fun." :P

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I think it was a huge mistake to design the game engine around 4 parties.

The game would be far more flexible if we could scale it to include unlimited parties.

I want my Democrats and my One Nation!

And my Canadian Greens :-)

Oh...And allow indies too.

They're very important in Australia and Canada.

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