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United North America 2008

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Hi everyone! This is a preamble to my new United North America scenario! Please let me know what you think!


In this scenario, the United States and Canada have become one nation. Canada’s economy collapsed in 2005 and the only choice was to be absorbed into the United States. Canada amid protest signed the deal in February 2006. Prime Minister Paul Martin and President George W. Bush were the signatories. After Congressional elections were held in 2006 the seats were Republican-17 Democratic-17 American Progressive-17 and Socialist 13. There are 611 Electoral votes in the new nation. 306 EV are needed to win or the election will go to the bitterly divided House of Representatives.


British Columbia – 8

Alberta – 6

Saskatchewan – 3

Manitoba – 3

Ontario – 19

Quebec – 13

Newfoundland – 3

New Brunswick – 3

Nova Scotia – 3

Prince Edward Island -3

Yukon – 3

Northwest Territories – 3

Nunavut -3

The following are excerpts from the Treaty of Union between Canada and the U.S. Signed on February 16, 2006:


- The Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut be given statehood despite their small populations. They will be allotted 3EV each. The rationale for this was to give Canada more of a say during an election.

- No term limits for Presidents.

- As long as citizens, who have not been born in Canada and the U.S., have held citizenship for 20 years, they may run for the Presidency.


- U.S. political system be adopted.

- Scrap the monarchy.

- No Distinct status for Quebec (Secession will mean war!)

- Congressional elections will be held immediately November 2006.



The U.S. Democratic Party has adopted the Canadian Liberal Party into its membership. Paul Martin stated that “The two parties are identical in ideology.” This party looks to be the ruling party with strength in traditional U.S. strongholds and most of Canada.


Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Paul Martin

Jean Chretien

Al Gore

Al Sharpton

Evan Bayh

Howard Dean

John Kerry

John Edwards

Joe Lieberman

Nancy Pelosi

Richard Gephardt

Wesley Clark

Zell Miller

Sheila Copps

Anne McLellan

Bill Richardson

Bob Kerrey

Joe Biden

Ted Kennedy

Tom Daschle

Barrack Obama


The Republican Party has amalgamated most of the Canadian Conservative Party (its right-wing elements) and the Christian Heritage Party into its ranks along with the Constitution Party.


George W. Bush

Jeb Bush

Rudy Giuliani

John McCain

Bill Frist

Condolezza Rice

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Michael Peroutka

George Pataki

Stephen Harper

Stockwell Day

Ron Gray

Alan Keyes

Pat Robertson

Mr. T

Sylvester Stallone

Pat Buchanan

Socialist Party

The Socialist Party has brought together nearly all the left-wing fringe parties in the U.S. and Canada. The Canadian Greens, New Democratic Party, Bloc Quebecois, Communists and Marxist-Leninists as well as the American Green Party and Socialist parties.


Ralph Nader

Dennis Kucinich

Jack Layton

David Cobb

Gilles Duceppe

Jim Harris

Michael Moore

Peter Camejo

American Progressive Party

Many Canadian and American conservatives have felt that the Republican Party is too right wing. On a platform of fiscal conservatism and progressive social policy, the American Party hopes to become the ruling party in 2008. Many former Canadian Progressive Conservatives, Libertarians, moderate Republicans and former Reform party stalwarts have joined this party.


Jesse Ventura

Peter MacKay

Joe Clark

David Orchard

Ian McClelland

Scott Brison

Belinda Stronach

Jim Prentice

Michael Badnarik

Jean Charest

Arlen Specter

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Thank you I put alot of work into the map and my previous map just had the U.S. and little squares above for the Canadian provinces. I felt I should try to make a map as large as possible to accomodate this scenario. Those working on a world map will have their hands full! :) I am glad you enjoyed it. FrenchFisher all my scenarios have been unbiased, if they are biased scenarios become boring and unrealistic even if you are in favor of its bias. I hope its playability is good.

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[rant mode ON]

Ack, maybe the game is creative, but unbiased, at least in regards to candidates, is really not true. The Republicans have good all-around candidates, Jeb Bush for example has 4 everywhere, and some real people are just simply unrealistically strong, Giuliani has 4 fives! I mean, I know he has a good reputation and is considered to be a good politician, but come on now. Alan Keyes has 4 everywhere except Charisma (and Obama is pretty weak)! Condolezza Rice, often called negatively "intellectual" and boring has 5 in debating! When you turn to the socialist party and its candidates (BTW, no socialist party I know of uses the hammer and sickle, they use the symbol of a fist holding a rose), you also see bias. Though Layton's stats are better than in P4E, his description tells us he's a "left-wing extremist"... Michael Moore has a '1' integrity and is told to have made "fictional and slanderous" documentaries :rolleyes: . The other candidates are so-so at best, horrible at worst. And then to the Republicans' splinter group... Charest a good politician? Good God man, you must know nothing of the man. Even at his most popular, he was called the "mouton" (sheep) for his hair and way of acting. At most, we can say he's a good debater when on the offensive, beyond that, he's weak.

[rant mode OFF]

Otherwise, it seems interesting and relatively unbiased. To those interested in telling me to relax "it's only a game", remember that Hardrightconservative was asking people for comments.

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Well you do have a point about some of the right wingers being a little point heavy (Day) but opinions will filter through no matter what, even on some of the liberal scenarios, overall I think it was good work Hardright, I hope you will continue to come up with interesting and freash ideas! :)

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