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Ok I was going to just make this and never purpose the idea on the board because I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do but now I'm having map problems so I throw it to the public...

The Protestant Reformation

Think about it, it was the a huge movement throughout europe. For parties you have Catholicism with candidates Charles the 5th, Philip II, Pope Leo X, Pope Paul III, and Loyola. Lutheranism with Luther and Philip Melanchthon. Calvinism with Calvin and perhaps the Duke of Bourbon (or some other Huguenot.) Zwinglism with Zwingli. and the Anglican Church also known as the Church of England with Henry VIII and possibly Queen Elizabeth. alternatively you could have the anabaptists instead of the Anglican Church but since there were multiple anabaptist sects I don't know if that would work well...

in any case I think it would be fun to play- if you're Catholic you can prevent the spread of the dissention and put down those uprisings before it's too late. If you're Protestant you can spread your ideas throughout Europe. and the issues practically create themselves! sacraments, salvation, view on the papacy...

OK so what's the problem you may ask. well it's the same as it always is- maps! I tried making a map of europe- didn't work out too well. I'm not done... but here's what I have so far.


What do I need to do from here? If I finish coloring in europe with the light blue will I be able to make the regional variables document? When I tried to just make Spain (by drawing a line on the regional boundary and entering all the necessary numbers into the various files) it filled the screen with the color which stands for the party in power... as if the entire board were being voted on (however the candidates were where they needed to be.) If I finish coloring will the problem be fixed? What do I need to do to get this map working? I don't want to do a lot of work if I can't get a final product...


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well good news! I somehow managed to fix the map problem so I'm well on my way to making this scenario. After spending an hour looking for a population chart of the 16th century, I gave up and am going to use the modern population. Admittedly for the Reformation map it won't be as accurate but it will make it easy for someone how wants to modify the map for a modern game. Right now I have a working Spain and Portugal and that's about it... I will probably add a few countries every day updating the regional file as I go along. when I'm done with that I'll go back and make my own parties, issues, and mess around with the fundraising and money coefficients... I have no idea how long it will take but when I'm done with the map and corresponding regional_variables file, I will be glad to send it to anyone who wants to start working on their own european election...

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