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Prime Minister Forever - British Version Update

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Hi everybody,

A patch for Prime Minister Forever - British Version has been released.

If you are a Prime Minister Forever - British Version owner and have not received an e-mail regarding the patch, you can e-mail us (contact page). Please include the name and e-mail address you purchased with in the e-mail message.

Changes made:

v. 1.00.6

- chance momentum decays increased from 33% to 40%

- fixed bug where computer players can run an ad an unlimited amount of time at no cost

- changed how long computer players wait between making ads

- United Kingdom 2005 scenario changes: Michael Howard's local campaign strength increased to 5, region election night result times changed, UKIP set to not an incumbent party

v. 1.00.5

- United Kingdom 2005 scenario changes: three scripted events added, Transport issue replaced with Pensions issue, entered finalized candidates for Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales

- average national momentum is now weighted for each region's population (before, each region had the same weight, regardless of population)

- national momentum on momentum screen is average, instead of total, national momentum

- event and issue profile updates about changes in national momentum are average, instead of total, changes

- players listed first have their flags drawn on the top on the main map

v. 1.00.4

- chance create foot soldiers reduced if How Well Established rating is less than 5

- reduced amount momentum increases chance create foot soldiers

- fixed scandal release bug

- fixed scripted event bug causing "issue not found" message

- changed how easy and hard levels work

- changed start screen graphic

- changed winner screen graphic

v. 1.00.3

- change in 'too close to call' seats now displayed in Est. Seats box without having to scroll down to last set of parties

- news stories on endorsers with particular issue now have correct issue

- if run out of funds and ads halted, can re-start ads once have positive funds

- balanced computer player attack/boast algorithm

v. 1.00.2

- fixed Candidate Editor bug which didn't allow for editing of candidates in scenarios with more than 4 players

v. 1.00.1

- initial release version

If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Anthony Burgoyne


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Just to say this is a *really* great update. Makes the scenario *much* more playable for the Lib Dems and Conservatives (I still struggle with the Libs to make any big impact but the goals should be tricky to reach after all).

Just ordered PrF:BC today so looking forward to getting the download link later!


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