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guys I need some help!


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When playing the UK scenario I don't really know how to approach it. There are so many seats and I get a bit overwhelmed, esspecially as the Tories because on Hard difficulty you really have to think to win.

What are some good strategies in approaching the game. Should you set your issues to attacking the other oponents? Should your ads be positive or negative and should you run then country-wide? What about targeting seats, should you target winnable seats in the last days of the campaign or should you target seats you are behind in in the begining and hope to catch up?

Some general gaming strategies would be appreciated.


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I'm afraid I'm going to be disappointing. There is no unfaillible strategy to use, it all depends on a lot of factors, for example, are you more in tune with the issues of the regions you want to make a breakthrough in (go positive) or is your main opponent more out of tune (go negative)? Do you want to keep the seats you have (mostly if you're in the lead at start) or do you want to gain new ones (target those you are losing not by much)? etc, etc... Going negative is normally stronger, but it has a chance to backfire, and if you're not the main opponent or don't have a good momentum, you may not feel the effect much (it'll all go to another party). Going positive is safer, but has less potential normally.

It's easier to decide when you're a third party: go positive and pray the first parties go negative, in which case you can cut between them and win big. It's not that simple, but it's a good summary.

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"ad trick":

Works especially well in President 4 ever, but still works in PM4E. It consists of building a lot of strong ads and waiting for the last two or three days to launch a blitz in EVERY region using EVERY ad since the cmapiagn is ending anyway and even if you end up with a 10 million dollars (oops, pounds) deficit it won't matter. This pumps up your momentum to the maximum and puts your opponent's momentum in the drain. This huge momentum can be enough to swing (in the US version) more than 10 States, including the enemy's fortress, or dozens of seats in the earlier PM4E versions, it can swing up to 5 points in popular support to you.

Generally considered a cheat and "unsportsmanlike".

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Check out http://www.bbc.co.uk site and click on any of the links to get you to their Election 2005 website. Then on the left-hand side click the Seat By Seat link, then click on the Election Map link down toward the lower left hand corner. Once there, click on the Key Seats link in the top center part of the screen. This page will give you a list of seats the Conservatives are targeting, seats the Liberal Democracts and targeting, and seats Labour will be pumping resources to defend and target. I'm not saying mimic exactly what the national parties are doing in the real campaign, but if you want to concentrate on a national and/or regional approach but don't know where to start when presented with 646 seats, I think you could do worse than use these target lists. For example, if you're playing the Conservatives, bump your targeting points up to 30, target the top 30 constituencies on the Tory's list, then go about your other campaigning duties (ads, fund raising, etc.)

I believe each party lists their targets by the number votes by which they lost them at the last General Election in 2001. For example, the Conservatives lost Cheadle in the Northwest region by only 33 votes to the Liberal Democracts in 2001, so if they can't win that seat this time around there's no hope of them forming a government or creating a hung parliament. Hence, it's number 1 on their target list.

Hope this helps.


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