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Where Did you Find out About Preisdent Forever

Kerry Edwards for President

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I was a fan of P2K, which I discovered after the 2000 election through google (I was looking to find out if there would ever be any new versions of Randy Chase's PP... I'm a fan of his earlier work, but haven't had the money to invest in this year's PP3).

I kind of like the fact that P4E has sort of an "open" ethos to it, even if it is not really an open-source project per se.

Of course (no disrespect to Tony), I wish I had the (a) time and (B) skills to develop my own open-source alternative.

(The only open-source game in this genre is Election Day, which is notoriously buggy... can't ever finish a game without it crashing. Definitely too ambitious.)

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I like political simulations, and I've played a few of those available on the-underdogs.net, most of them made in the 80s. I remember discovering on there too, an HTML-based (I think) game, where you controlled a candidate first in the primaries and then (if you won) as a president. It was a game designed for education, but I can't for the life of me remember its name.

I eventually found President 2000 and played and also paid for it. I remember thinking it was too complex in a way, when I played it. I'm much happier with President Forever and I have played away happily for quite some time since getting it a few weeks ago. I particularly like all the scenarios that you users have made; it's the addition of those that will keep me playing the game, I suspect, as four elections aren't really enough.

I would like to see you being able to reach the/a highscore based on how you did compared to the real-life election - I was quite pleased with myself, when I only lost narrowly to Reagan with Mondale, but if you don't win the election, there's no high score entered.

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Actually, my brother found it, sorta.

He was on a site to download games and I just happen to see it there, while he was away from the computer for a second. I saw the title of the game, thought it might be cool, downloaded it, bought both of them (P4E and PM)

Just for the record, I'm also in political science.

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