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1988's President Elect is one of the simplest but best game I've played.

tonnes and tonnes of other presidential election sims that I've played and forgotten about.

as for non-presidential sims, I know only one, PM4E. really my opinion is that all presidential election simulators are exactly the same, and it comes down to the game itself, and things like cost. any game you have to pay for is a no in my books due to the extreme number of free games out there. I might buy P4E because PM4E is so good. But I still prefer 1988's President Elect, which is a forerunner to Power Politics IIRC.

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there are a few political simulations, like US Gov Sim, that simulate elections, but most poorly. PolUK used to do them well, but the admin nearly died and had to quit. I tried to start my own election simulator, a forum, but no one came

I would not re-create it unless people told me they'd participate ........

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Other than President Forever, There is Election Day, Frontrunner, and The Political Machine that are current games. 

Three classic games that I wish to highlight are Doonesbury Election Game 1996, Power Politics, and The old Classic President Elect.

Honorable mentions go to Liberal Crime Squad a rouge type game where you try to influence elections, Shadow President, and Superpower 2.

And I know that somewhere out on the web there is a Nebraska Govener’s Race, if any one knows where it is please post :)

EDIT: Fixed Broken Links

Most of those thinks lead to the website I'm referring to, www.the-underdogs.org.

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Rune-time error: '429'

ActiveX component can't create object

Then I get what appears to be the playing screen (with all the options present on the upper bar), but the screen is just blue and unresponsive.

i just had to redownload it and i have the same problem i think there are serious problems with this game and this is further proof why p4ever is better

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"Underdogs is a site that distributes illigal warez, and the link should be deleted immideatly, or the forum's owner will do it for you. If the forum owner is caught with the link on his forum, he can be sued."

Err.. WTF??

There's nothing illegal about the Underdogs. What they 'distribute' is abandonware. Games that are no longer being sold and whose authors have given up the rights. When a company wants to distribute an old game again they tell the Underdogs who then take it off their site.

And how the hell can you prosecute somebody for posting a link? Is this board hosted in Communist China or what??

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not my decision, I love underdogs. I posted a link from them once on a forum, and a moderator banned me. the forum admin, a person admin, unbanned me and told me that the forum had previously been sued because somoene had posted a link to the underdogs, the police threathened to shut them down unless the IP address of the poster was given.

I dont know why, but that's the law. Abandonware or not.

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since no one appears to care about the links.

http://www.the-underdogs.org/game.php?id=839 is the best game, so I've found. you can edit the details to give the modern electoral votes.

http://www.buyitat.com/election/startscreen.htm this game was alright.

just found this while looking for this other game http://www.lanterngames.com/games/download...unner_index.htm

where is that other game... (goes back to google)

its been 15 minutes since that last line... the closest I've found is this


where is that damn game.

I really should have bookmarked it

well I cant find the game I've been spending 30 minutes looking for, so forget about it.

give me some time.

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seems cool, I cant play it right now, need to download stuff, but its a link


this game is more expensive, but the graphics are better if you care about that.

I played the demo and found it too easy to win. a few HQ's in FL, OH, PA, even NY and PA as a republican, and you got 300 electoral votes.

still lookin for that damn game....

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I was never able to compleate it, but I did do a test using the 1960 election, I put the 1988 data over it, and it worked.

in short, there are I think SS files for the elections. 60.ss 80.ss 84.ss 88.ss etc. In those are the electoral votes, the "population" and other numbers that I dont know what they do. you can just edit those in notepad.

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