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Alrighty then, I did a quick review of the sum total of candidate points for most of the main stream candidates in the PF Scenarios. They are as follows.

Dubya 22

Kerry 24

HW Bush 24

Clinton 24

Reagan 27

Carter 25

This puts our average at about twentyfour and a third. Frankly I think this is a little high for the purposes of our discussion, so we are going to work with 22.

My question is: What do you believe is the best combination of characteristics for your custom candidate? Personally I think Leadership and Charisma are the most important. My candidate has a Leadership +1 running mate and looks like this:

Leadership: 5

Charisma : 5

Integrity : 4

Stamina : 1

Experience: 1

Debating : 2

Issue Famil: 4

How about the rest of you? What do you value in a candidate?

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Well have to try it sometime. :) When I said that I didn't move until two weeks out, I meant two weeks before the election. So you would have an even better chance of opening your 10 point lead.

Out of curiosity how many foot soldiers do you run? I like to have around 3 crusaders and by then end I usually have over 100 foot soldiers. I use up all my CPs creating them so my candidate rarely moves. This might not be the best strategy but I have taken 548 EVs with Reagan in '80 and 467 with Bush in '04.

What do you generally do different?

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