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In 2052, Senator Stan Walker of Pennsylvania, a distant relative of George W. Bush, is running for president. He chooses Governor Clyde Roosevelt of Georgia to run with him. He is running with the Moderate Moose Party.

As the economy crumbles under Michael S. Cox's administration, so does the Evangelical Party that he leads. He is replaced by Senator Paul Fisher of Oklahoma, a moderate, pro-choice Evangelicalist. He runs with near-socialist liberal Representative Gregory Franklin of California. The Evangelicalists are angry with this, but they still endorse him.

After a victory against the United Socialist Union (European) and a new allance with new superpower Argentina, General Adam Horatio McKinly is now extremely popular. After declining to run with the Liberty Party and the Moderate Moose Party, McKinly is running with the Union Assembly Party, a party that wants a US Parliment System. He chooses it's only governor, Sarah Richards of Idaho.

Jackie McGee, the governor of Alabama, is running with the liberal Liberty Party. She chooses Professer Frink of UCONN to run with her.

Electoral College (out of 5100):

Walker: 2000

Fisher: 500

McKinly: 2500


Tie: 100

Every state is worth 100 electoral votes.

Popular Vote:

Walker: 30%

Fisher: 25%

McKinly: 30%

McGee: 15%

The future of our grand nation is in your hands. What will you do?

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