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My 1st scenario: Hypothetical 1944 election

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I'm just figuring out how to make a scenario & just getting the time to do so. I thought a good scenario would be to set up a situation where FDR's administration is under heavy scrutiny from the public & the Republican party over the failed invasion of Normandy. History shows that if this had failed it would've had heavy political consequences, making FDR's chances at reelection a lot less certain. I wouldn't tip the scales totally against FDR. The South will remain solidly in his corner as they were in real life. The North & the West will be tipped more towards the undecided category, and the central plains *Dakotas, Nebraska, Kansas, etc.* will be shifted solidly towards Dewey's favor. I'm working on issues, so far this is what I have:

The War

Normandy Invasion *as in who to blame...poor luck or poor leadership*

Communism *domestic communism, not the soviets*

FDR's health

Term limits

Military Funding

The Economy

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So far I've got the basic layout redone. I'm hoping someone will let me use their issue icons since i'm a bit slow when it comes to graphic design. I've looked over the popular vote results from the '44 election and have tipped the scales vastly away from the Roosevelt landslide that it actually was. I've come up with a couple more issues *Soviet Relations, The United Nations, Social Security, Government Spending, Business Regulation* I am having trouble with the electoral trends, if anyone has any place where I could go to look that information up or if anyone feels like lending a hand it'd be greatly appreciated.

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Final issue list:

The War, Normandy Invasion, Communism, Business Regulation, Term Limits, Military Funding, The Economy, Soviet Relations, Government Spending, United Nations, Eastern Europe, Rationing, Personal Tax, Occupation Policy, Reconstruction Policy, The New Deal Legacy, Social Security, Immigration.

I am now searching for the stances of Thomas Dewey, Wendell Willkie, FDR, Harry Truman, and Henry Wallace on these issues. If anyone has any good sites to find this stuff post them here.

After I complete this I will attempt to start tweaking with the electoral trends.

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I'd like to hear that just to see if they think the results would be anything close to what I'm setting this scenario up to be. I've finished up everything except electoral trends and I'm starting to mess with them. I've got everything through Georgia pretty well set.

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That's the first test. I put myself in as Watson and just let the game run by itself without doing anything just to see the outcome. I got a higher vote percentage for the Socialists than what I'd hoped and Prohibition is a bit high too so I'm going to mess with the elec. trends a little more.

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Just finished w/ a busy evening, I'll run a test playing as FDR & Dewey then if all goes well I'll have it released tomorrow. The Socialists are still picking up some pretty high vote percentages in some states but this is somewhat realistic considering they would undoubtedly seize on the turmultuous situation as well.

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BBC Radio Four has a series called "what if..." and it explores alternative historical scenerios

anyway, they did a special hour program on just this idea - D-Day failing

pretty interesting.  if you want it Hitsomebody I have an mp3 of it

give me your email and I'll send it on


can u email me that fitzpa56@aol.com and where can i find some of the other ones theyve done?

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