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A More Perfect Union Help (nothing shows after initial career track results)


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The beta, as the devs stated in their email, is only meant to be a basic preview for paying customers of what will come next year. There is only meant to be an extremely basic watered-down version of the game, restricted and stripped back heavily. The game is only supposed to meant to run, and that's about it. No scenario creation past 1774-1780, no year 2 career choices, etc.

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On 1/19/2023 at 1:55 AM, SpiritualPagan said:

So we basically spent $25 to view a demo.



Right now, yes. But as with everything from this studio, we're paying right now for an experience yet to come. I've just accepted it and moved on. Just set your life focus on something else and come back in the spring. Or fall. just don't let it become a primary obsession and you'll forget you even pre-ordered it. 

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