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1968 Ultimate Scenario: LBJ vs Nixon vs Wallace **What if LBJ revealed Nixon's Vietnam Peace Deal treason?***


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Nixon and the Republicans start out as a huge favorites as Lyndon B. Johnson has left the Democratic New Deal Coalition split between Civil Rights and the Vietnam War. The election will tighten in most places outside of Texas (if you're playing as Johnson or Humphrey) and inevitably lead to the election being decided with razor thin margins. Lots of replay-ability with the default 1968 economy events mixed with the great October surprise that *could* swing the election for the Democrats.





Johnson's influence in Texas makes the Democrats competitive in any scenario.

Scenario includes:

-Added Events (Ana Chennault's Vietnam Peace Sabotage has a *chance* of being revealed, George Romney's many "scandals" + more)

-Updated Pictures (High Quality Profile Pictures + High Quality Issues Pictures)

-October 1967 Start Date, January 1st 1968 Start Date, March 1st State Date

-New actual Primary/convention Favorite Sons (Dewey F. Bartlett of Oklahoma, Spiro Agnew of Maryland)

-Added Issues of Social Security, Environment, Corruption and Trade Agreements

-More Endorsers (Citizens Council, Billionaire Howard Hughes, Reverend Billy Graham + Popular Ex-Governors/Senators)

-Primaries are competitive with Favorite sons and major historical candidate CPUs not dropping out until the convention.

LBJ's control over party machinery means while he or Humphrey (if you choose to play with him instead) may lose a majority of early voting states in the Primaries, the state conventions especially in the South (which will be winner-takes-all) are going to help support the Establishment candidates as long as no Segregationist candidates decide to run. LBJ can still technically be knocked out of the primaries with him dropping out, but it's very unlikely to happen though given his near clinching projection at the start. Similar to how the Humphrey nomination went in real life, only if Bobby Kennedy and or Eugene McCarthy sweep practically every early primary do they stand a chance of upsetting the Establishment.





Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/c4v741agicch52m/United_States_-_1968_-Ultimate_Edition.rar/file

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