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The Nu Covid Variant - the never-ending Covid


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The variant, currently denominated B.1.1.529, reportedly has twice as many of the mutations displayed by the Delta variant, which became the dominant variant in most of the world over the summer.


Until more is known about the variant, health authorities in the United Kingdom are taking the precaution of cancelling flights from the six countries in southern Africa, adding them to the country's "red list" for travelers.


The World Health Organization has called an emergency meeting on Friday to discuss the variant. If it's determined to be of special interest or concern, it's likely to be named "Nu," the next Greek letter in the current naming scheme.




So the THREE vaccine shots aren't  effective against the Nu variant??? What was the point of getting the shots then??? WILL THIS EVER END 

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Jordan Schachtel's latest piece on this is probably worth reading.


But of course 'vaccine' evading variants are going to arise. What do people think Pfi$er and Mod$rna's plans were from the beginning, a one and done? They want recurring payments, backed by injection passes that raise compliance rates to > 90%. They then turn a significant % of that money right back around to increase their influence, including further regulatory capture.

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1 hour ago, Anthony_270 said:

Then it will be impossible for Biden to win. Variants are just what you get with RNA viruses like this. Predictable and predicted.

From a WHO whistleblower from last year (2020).


Saw a poll asking if they think airlines will have mandatory masks in 2023 and 65-70% said yes. If this is the new "reality" we will be in forever no way Biden will win. What is he going to run on?? At least DeSantis GOP can say they want to totally move on from this COVID thing, Dems are on the wrong side of that the more we go into the future. 

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Fact check: Correct. Even here, where a similar % of people are injected but 'cases' are decreasing, the government is just clamping down more. They recently announced further restrictions on churches.

Americans, don't buy it when the government says you'll have your freedoms back once you get to a higher % injected. That's not what's happening in other parts of the world.


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