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Tony, all these ideas must make you crazy, but here's another one anyway :)

What about being able to give scenario's preset events that happened in history and had or could have had an impact on elections. Like the assasinations of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King in 1968, arrest of 5 burglars in the DNC headquarters at the Watergate in 1972, Pres. Carter's Iran hostage crisis in 1980, the death of Ronald Reagan and the news of Iraqi prison abuse in 2004.

You must be able to set the news header, date, and which candidate it affects negatively ('none' if it doesn't hurt any candidate)



// Preset events

Five men arrested after break-in at DNC headquarters






// Preset events

Ronald Reagan passed away at age 93






// Preset events

Rescue attempt of Iran hostages results in 8 deaths






It would add some great historical accuracy. Later this could even be expanded by having follow-up news items that continue the story's momentum (this would particularly apply to stories like Watergate and Iran hostage crisis).

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Most defenitly this should be implemented!

Some ideas I see:

Wartime: Events in Vietnam (60's-70's), Iraq (1991 & 2003 +), Somalia, Bosnia, Haiti (1990's), Grenada (1980's), et al. effecting candidates and their stances at those appropriate times.

Cold War issues: USSR invasion of Afghanistan, SDI (aka "Star Wars"), Missle deployments, SALT treaty progress

domestic disturbances: Watts, Detroit, and LA/Rodney king riots (how the incumbent party candidate is percieved as handling them, recovery aid, comments about it)

Elections upsets: 1994 mid-term election (which stripped the democrats of their majorities in Congress and defeated high-profile DNC candidates - an effect which would linger onto election day due to the percieved partianship during that time)

controversies: Waco, Elian Gonzales, Militia movement, NAFTA, OJ Simpson trial (stuff people in politics sometimes weigh in on, sometimes costing them dearly, sometimes not)

Natural disasters: Mt. St. helens 1980, SF Quake 1989, Hurricane Frances, Mississippi flooding (how fast the government acted and what aid was given could effect outcome)

Terrorism: Oklahoma city, 1st WTC attack, 9/11

Some of these could be before the election, but have lingering effects, such as the topic being brought up, how the incumbent handled the affair, and their position on controversial things surrounding it.

Perhaps a candidate should start out with a list of strengths and weaknesses that could help or haunt them...

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