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Historical Scenarios

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These are the historical scenarios that still have not been made. Any takers?

1792 election

George Washington

John Adams

1796 election

John Adams (Federalist)

Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republican)

1804 election

Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republican)

Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (Federalist)

1808 election

James Madison (Democratic-Republican)

Charles Cotesworth Pinckney (Federalist)

1812 election

James Madison (Democratic-Republican)

DeWitt Clinton (Federalist/Peace)

1816 election

James Monroe (Democratic-Republican)

Rufus King (Federalist)

1820 election

James Monroe (Democratic-Republican)

(not opposed)

1824 election

John Quincy Adams‡ (Democratic-Republican)

Andrew Jackson‡ (Democratic-Republican)

William Harris Crawford (Democratic-Republican)

Henry Clay (Democratic-Republican)

1828 election

Andrew Jackson (Democrat)

John Quincy Adams (National Republican)

1832 election

Andrew Jackson (Democrat)

Henry Clay (National Republican)

William Wirt (Anti-Masonic)

John Floyd (Nullifiers)

1840 election

William Henry Harrison (Whig)

Martin Van Buren (Democrat)

James Gillespie Birney (Liberty Party)

1848 election

Zachary Taylor (Whig)

Lewis Cass (Democrat)

Martin Van Buren (Free Soil Party)

1852 election

Franklin Pierce (Democratic)

Winfield Scott (Whig)

John Parker Hale (Free Soil Party)

1872 election

Ulysses Simpson Grant (Republican)

Horace Greeley (Democrat/Liberal Republican)

Thomas Andrews Hendricks (Independent Democrat)

1884 election

Stephen Grover Cleveland† (Democrat)

James Gillespie Blaine (Republican)

1892 election

Stephen Grover Cleveland† (Democrat)

Benjamin Harrison (Republican)

James Baird Weaver (Populist Party)

James Bidwell (Prohibition)

1900 election

William McKinley (Republican)

William Jennings Bryan (Democrat)

John G. Woolley (Prohibition)

Eugene Victor Debs (Socialist)

1904 election

Theodore Roosevelt (Republican)

Alton Brooks Parker (Democrat)

Eugene Victor Debs (Socialist)

Silas C. Swallow (Prohibition)

1920 election

Warren Gamaliel Harding (Republican)

James Middleton Cox (Democrat)

Eugene Victor Debs (Socialist)

1936 election

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Democrat)

Alfred Mossman Landon (Republican)

William Frederick Lemke (Union)

1940 election

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Democrat)

Wendell Lewis Willkie (Republican)

1944 election

Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Democrat)

Thomas Edmund Dewey (Republican)

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Reasons why Andrew Jackson was terrible...

1) He ignored the Supreme Court and undermined the power and legitimacy of the three branch system. You can't ignore court ruling or they become completely meaningless! Especially since what he wanted to do was terrible and resulted in thousands of innocent deaths.

2) Killing the national bank singlehandedly led to the economic depression that occured during Van Buren's presidency. It was all his fault, and his successor got blamed for it. He completely avoided responsibility and was hailed as a hero.

3) He hated John Calhoun because of something Calhoun's wife did in their social circle.

There are reasons to like Andrew Jackson, but on the whole I think he was an ignorant president who did more harm than good.

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I've already done 1920!

I have versions of 1848, 1852, 1892 and 1900 and 1904. Trouble is they don't have regionalism etc (can't get it right, and when I try it messes the whole thing up) Shall I put them up and if anyone wants to work on them, or any of my previous efforts) then go ahead.

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