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Infrastructure Bill to nowhere


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4 hours ago, populist86 said:

Anthony and VC - Do you think Youngkin is more populist or fusionist?

He's a politician. He was initially leaning Populist until he got the GOP nomination, and then he went fusionist once nominated. Who knows how he'll operate. His reluctance to embrace Trump is most often cited as the reason he won. Held him at an arm's length but did so skillfully, so as not to upset MAGA people. 

This isn't uncommon at all. It reminds me how Presidents veer away from how they campaigned. 

  • Lincoln campaigned as moderate, veered left on spending, Civil Rights, education, etc. He was still more moderate than Radical Republicans, but he veered off from his containment strategy. 
  • Hayes campaigned as a more moderate version of a Radical Republican, but then he pretty much abandoned anything resembling a Radica Republican and went even more to center. He was kind pinned into this position though. 
  • Taft campaigned as a TR Progressive and went moderate-to-conservative in action. 
  • FDR campaigned as a moderate Democrats in 1932 and went Progressive.
  • JFK campaigned as a moderate Democrat in 1960 and went more liberal. 
  • Nixon campaigned as a conservative and his rhetoric was generally conservative, but he was often liberal as president. Obama claimed in an interview that Nixon was more liberal than him in many ways. 
  • Carter was more liberal as president than as he campaigned.
  • Reagan's campaign was very conservative, but he compromised a lot as president. He was kind of forced into this because of Democratic dominance of Congress, however. 
  • Clinton's odd because he wanted to be more liberal than as the moderate campaigned as but Gingrich sort of held him in place. 
  • Bush campaigned as a moderate but operated more to the right as president. 
  • Obama operate more to the center than as he advertised himself to be. 

Staying with the Primary to General dynamic, you may remember that Joe Biden was the moderate of the Democratic 2020 primaries. Then at the convention, he started embracing a bunch of liberal to progressive policies. 

Basically, Youngkin is using routine political behavior. I'm curious how DeSantis operates in a primary to general, if he gets there. I'm actually hoping Trump will be the nominee because he's more beatable than DeSantis or Youngkin, if they faced Biden in 2024. 

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Interesting points.

I guess a lot of this is probably that I am biased from the composition of my circle. The other Obama-Trump types I have spoken with are very mixed on DeSantis and Youngkin. We'll see I guess.

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