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The biggest loser is probably the Green party leader as her leadership might be questioned further and she failed to win her riding.

O'Toole most likely will stick around as the Tories might not want to change leadership too quickly and frankly he's a good leader.

PPC while improving on the popular vote didn't really gain any seats. Maxine Bernier should probably run out west tbh especially if he wants to have a voice in parliament.

The Bloc did well too. They certainly still hold a good amount of influence like previous years.

The NDP is also satisfied with itself but there might be questions just like there were after Mulcair as to what they need to do next to gain more seats. As for Singh's leadership, who knows? He's certainly popular with the base but there's always the possibility of a leadership challenge.

The Maverick Party. I'll need to look into how they did before I can give my own thoughts.

Don't take me too seriously. Just my thoughts on the whole post election :)


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