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Cyberia - 1997

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It works for me. I've also played it a few times because it was made by a guy who's on another board I visit. It's a challange to win as the Conservative Party, but not impossible. Labor you can win with in a walk. I haven't been able to be the "balance of power" yet as the Democrats. And it's impossible to win any more than two seats as the Freedom Party, but I have one those two seats.

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Hey guys, I am going to release an alternate Cyberia 1997 that has australian preference system in place. Once I did that, the game became far more competitive. I am also slowly at work on a Cyberia 2001, and a P4E version of Cyberia will come out at some point.

I personally like the micronation of Cyberia, so you may see a lot from me on it.

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