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Who is your favorite politician?


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Mine is about a tie between Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Dennis Kucinich. They aren't perfect but when I consider +/- of all politicians, they have the most + left over. They're all too old to run for president, sadly. The younger crop of like-minded politicians seem to be too attention-seeking and border-line bombthrowers, which makes me lean towards disliking them on occasion, despite agreeing with them almost 100% policy-wise. I prefer a more quiet LW populism. One that is more pro-active rather than more rhetorical.  The thing I like about Sanders is that he's often bipartisan. The thing I like about Warren is that she's got tangible ideas and the policy pretty much worked out. Kucinich is also often bipartisan, generally with Libertarians. I'd say, AOC and the others are much more partisan and don't have their plans worked out. 

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