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I am playing the newest version, 3.1.1

Whenever I try to play the older user generated scenarios, it comes up with a message saying :

"Access violation at address 0040C9C1 in module 'PMI_UK.exe'. Read of address 00000018.

I asked one of the creators of the user generated campaigns about this, and apparently the campaigns only work for the classic version. I have attempted to download the classic version, however when I download the game again it just gives me the 3.1.1 version. I am wondering how I can ge the classic version also, so that I can enjoy the other campaigns. 

I am on the latest Windows computer.

Thank You

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Thanks I got that problem fixed.

I am playing President Infinity (latest version) and the game is great. 

However I encountered a problem. I was playing the 2020 presidential campaign, starting off in primaries. The game runs smoothly until March 7, 2020. Then, when I try to advance from there, the game freezes. Luckily I had manually saved the game before then, but I cannot progress any further. 

Screenshot (1).png

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6 hours ago, dusty said:

Ah, that's unfortunate.

Is it a common problem for the game to just get stuck? 

Yes, on some systems in some game configurations, it runs out of memory. This was due to the old Polling system, which has now been completely replaced with the upcoming version.

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Hello, sorry to bother you again.

I have downloaded some user generated scenarios which I would love to play.

They are only compatible for the older versions of the Canada game. Is there any way to download the old version of the canada game?

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