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Been working on a custom campaign in Prime Minister Infinity for a number of months now, but I've come across a couple of small issues and would appreciate if anyone could answer these questions for me:


1. I'm trying to include endorsers who increase footsoldiers at the fundamental region level (instead of at a state or national level). I know the editor lets you set endorser effects for fundamental regions, but whenever I test it in-game, the footsoldiers never appear for some reason (even when I've made sure I've given them probability values of 100). Is this fixable somehow? I also gave these endorsers a momentum effect for the state as a whole and that works just fine, so the problem is just related to region fundamentals.


2. Whenever I try playing the campaign, the computer opponent moves from its starting location to the same constituency every time, and just stays there for the rest of the game. It'll deliver speeches and rallies, but will go the whole campaign without almost ever moving. When I automate my surrogates, the same thing happens. Any thoughts as to why this might be happening to me? If I'm being honest, I think might have been a bit overambitious with the campaign - I've made about 2.5k fundamental regions in all. Might that have anything to do with either of my issues?



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