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Wallace has chosen Ezra Taft Benson as his running mate.

The Christian Broadcasting Network absolutely approves of Nixon's handling of the War in Vietnam. They see him as the Christian leader able to stop Communism.

Herbert Humphrey is proposing to expand the Great Society to fight poverty.

"Democratic Reformer Alexander Dubcek Takes Power in Czechoslovakia - Begins Prague Spring Movement"

  "NASA Soft Lands Unmanned Surveyor 7 on Moon"

Volpe is going to campaign in NH where he has 1% support.

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Seeing that I cannot win NH (I have considerable support, but my momentum is -8, I am third place, and my popularity is not improving, rather it is going down a little).

I farm some PIPs and ask Romney to choose me as his running mate. I give him all my PIPs. Romney accepts.

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I managed to win NH and WI with Romney, but I ended up losing Pennsylvania. I then headed for a period of disappointment, though I managed to win IN and surprisingly DC even though my momentum there wasn't in the best condition (-2). With the help of Richard Daley, I was able to win IL. Then, I won NY. Florida was a disappointment. I then managed to win the endorsements of Clifford Case and Jim Rhodes. Going to the final primaries, I launched ads which helped me gain some more delegates. Near the end, I secured the endorsement of Richard Nixon, then I got Rockefeller to endorse me after the primaries were over. Thanks to which I was able to win the convention. The Democrats nominated Robert Kennedy who chose Stephen Young as his running mate.


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