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Ireland - 1918


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So, I'm breaking into the forum with Irish scenario. 1918 was a key year, that determined the further history of Ireland. So far, for 8 years, nationalists have tried unsuccessfully to fight for the Home Rule Act, Sinn Fein has gained immense popularity, which is necessary for radical actions. Also in these elections there was a noticeable change of generations: the old moderate electorate was replaced by young, determined men and women.

Anyway, turning times are coming to Ireland. Over the last 8 years, much has been done to dramatically change society's views on the future. Will post-war elections be the trigger on the path to independence? Or maybe Sinn Fein's popularity will play a nasty joke on it in favour of unionism?

I'll be grateful for the feedback and thanks.



This scenario is dedicated to@Patine. I wish he was still here.

Ireland - 1918.zip

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21 hours ago, PunPun said:

A very fun scenario, thanks for making something so unique! The custom issues and events really give it a special feel.


Any idea on what you'll make next?

Tysm! Currently I'm working on Alberta 1982 and below, but stay tuned with original scenarios. I think they'll interest you no less!

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