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Favourite Cold War-Themed Movie

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I was wondering what everyone's favourite Cold War-themed movie (not documentary) was. Since there are SO MANY of them, I thought I would not be so presumptuous and jerkish as to have a pre-made poll list. My favourite (in terms of the one I most enjoyed watching) was one many might unusual for me, and is NOT a military, political, spy-fi, science-fiction, pulp/comic book, occult, or other such genre, and a genre I RARELY find this much enjoyment in. This music video for it's most iconic song is a "movie tribute," video that contains footage from the movie, in chronological order, that spells out the plot - a spoilers warning right at the beginning, for those who haven't seen, or don't know the plot, of a slightly over 35-year-old movie.

Rocky IV • Burning Heart • Survivor - YouTube

What's everyone's favourites?

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2 hours ago, populist86 said:

I'm not a huge movie buff (I'm 34 but have only seen <50 in my life), but I did like The Hunt for Red October. Does that count?

That definitely does, and it was a good one, too.

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Rocky IV is pretty good. 

I like the Rambo movies so if you count First Blood part 2 as a cold war film then that's one 😛

I also like the James Bond films which involve the Cold War as a reason why the baddies are pitting the world's superpowers against each other. 

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So many of them are spy movies, not my favorite genre.  Cold War films I do like...

The Bedford Incident

Charlie Wilson's War

The Death of Stalin

Fail Safe

The War Game (not to be confused with WarGames, also a fine film)

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The Hunt for Red October

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