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Problem with files in "President Infinity" and "Chancellor Forever 2009"

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Hi, l have two problems: 

1 - When l run game, shows me this message: "Cannot create file C:\Users\Admin\Documents\President Infinity\quotation_number.txt, access denied". How fix it? 

2 - Chancellor Forever 2009 - I unzipp file with campaign and extract the content to "Scenarios" file. But l don't see this file with campaign.

I wait to answers, happy new year :)

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22 hours ago, admin_270 said:

1. Have you tried running President Infinity v. 3.3.x? https://270soft.com/blog

2. I'm sorry, can you rephrase?

I think on number two, he's trying to play K4E scenarios in PI and getting inevitable errors. The pressure mounts on you to make an update to game engines with legislative election scenarios with electoral forms other than FPTP/Australian (a minority of elections in the world today), which you keep inexplicably and seemingly counter-intuitively being non-committal about, and even a bit dismissive of, when they could IMMENSELY increase the potential of your game engine. As I keep saying, I can't fathom your priorities, here.

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