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Win uk election 2019

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Momentum is everything. I got Labour to 324 seats (2 short of a majority) but the Tories on 193 by alternating pro-Labour/anti-Tory leaflets every day. I also banked anti-Tory billboard ads just in case they started doing well with momentum. Issues I used were Brexit/Immigration for Labour and Environment for Tories, Labour start off with a negative modifier for Brexit and Immigration but if you lean into it you end up with bonuses. 

All of this meant that I was able to keep my momentum at a decent level to mitigate against the anti-Labour scripted events, and eventually get the Tories on negative momentum. That matters for endorsements, because it means the Tories lose endorsement points every turn, and they start out quite far ahead with Daily Mail/Express/The Sun etc. I was able to win those endorsements because Labour had good momentum, but at the very least if you deny the Tories the endorsements that should help. I kept Labour endorsements at 95 points until the very end of the campaign, then splurged CPs in the last week to put myself over the edge with the endorsers. I wound up with +35 momentum the day before election (Tories on -5) and saw a 30/40 seat swing during the election results.

TL;DR keep your own momentum high and Tory momentum low


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