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Not sure this goes here but Ive been wondering for a while and hardly an explanation around. 

When spinning stories you have a few option, Spin, Help, Neutralize and flip.

So question being, What does each of these besides Neutralize do.

Spin I am assuming makes stories last longer and adds or subtracts to the effect. 

Help I think would mean Spin in favor of the Candidate the story is about, but not sure.

Neutralize I assume would end the story.

Flip, i would say Turns positive to negative or neg-positive. 

I know i probably sound crazy.... but Spinning a positive story on myself seems bad. 


So I ran a campaign as libertarian in 2012 and I was relentless on Obama. And Tried and succeeded in helping Gingrich get the Nomination. But not sure I used the Spin correctly. 

Any confirmation to my assumptions or detailed explanation on each of the 4 types of Spin would be great. 

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