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Split electoral votes are possible


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24 minutes ago, TheLiberalKitten said:

Glad to help! :)

The big problem is the %s aren't linked in the state and CD regions. So you could have a wild swing in a CD that isn't mirrored in the state, say. But this is probably better than simply omitting the CDs entirely.

Might be able to add a simple tag in a region like "constitutes=nebraska_fundamental", say, and add that to each CD region. Then the game engine can treat it accordingly without too much ado. We'll see ...

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Yeah, there could be an issue where, say, you win two districts in Nebraska (giving you two electoral votes), but fail to get the two statewide EVs if your opponent one the third district, while you barely won those two districts.  (with three candidates, you could even, in theory, have someone win the two statewide EVs and fail to win any of the district EVs).

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This is terrific from a realism POV.

Personally, I might be someone who doesn't like splitting votes by CD because of how it looks aesthetically, but also because I don't like the idea of depending on boundaries (congressional districts) that are not set in stone like state borders are. I am a bit OCD/pedantic though lol.

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On 11/17/2020 at 1:10 PM, TheLiberalKitten said:

Here you go Admin :P
Just create a new region!
And make the necessary changes, etc.
and modify the map too by adding the dots to represent the split electoral votes.











On 11/17/2020 at 1:37 PM, admin_270 said:

Ah yes, that's one way to do it. 😀

Thanks for this - actually might make sense to do that for the official campaigns.

I did something similar for my take on some of the old Pre-Civil War U.S. Presidential Elections by the old P4E2008 engine, where States splitting their EV's for various reasons was notably (and relatively) common. Though I actually used internal region borders to break them up directly into separate regions.

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