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What should I do next?

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the Cold War is still stalled due to map errors and I've updated all my previous scenerios for version 1.15.5 and I've done 3 '08 and one '12 scenerios, plus the Manchurian Canidate (w/ bonus Ike v. Adlai II 1956 included in the folder), updated '60, '80, and '92 for 1.15.5.....

so, what should i do now?

the Seven Days in May idea didn't get much response

the Pundit Smackdown didn't either

what would ya'll like to see?

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Douglas MacArthur 1952 with thw war in Korea going to hell the public as demaned a strong miltray man the Rebpulica have nomatied War hero Douglas MacArther who was win the war before his removal

Have IKe as the Democtrice canadate I was given the idea by Ike the Domocatcrat

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idea(s) occured to me this morning

Philip Roth's latest novel, which I haven't read yet, proposes Charles Limburgh was elected President over FDR and sided w/ the Nazis...

might be something there


Nazi propagandists solicit support from the Ku Klux Klan in the late 30s/early 40s promising military/economic support if the Old Confederacy re-sedeces from the Union and allies w/ the Third Riech (all this would be prior to Pearl Harbor), so the old Confederate States decide to hold a referendum election


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idea(s) occured to me this morning

Philip Roth's latest novel, which I haven't read yet, proposes Charles Limburgh was elected President over FDR and sided w/ the Nazis...

might be something there

I haven't gotten around to reading that yet (I want to) and I agree that it would make a good scenario. Go for it!

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think I'll wait till I read it to do the Roth one, and wait until its out in mass market paperback

how's this:

1938: Conferderate Socialist Party Seccession (??? - think of a better title, I will)


As the Great Depression continues to beleaguer the US economy, some in the agricultrual South are looking at the example of the Nazi Party in Germany as a possible way out. Encouraged by the South's history of racist politics and ethnic pride, Nazi propagandists have been working with the Ku Klux Klan establishment to promote National Socialism in the Old Confederacy. Special envoys of the Nazi Party have held clandestine meetings with prominent Southern government officials promising them substancial military and economic support, as well as personal reward, if they agree to once again secede from the Union and ally themselves with the Third Reich. In a riveting speech specially recorded for Southern America and radio broadcast throughout the region, Adolf Hiler praised the Rebels of the US Civil War, calling them "true hereos of the Aryan people" and "an inspiration to future generations whose brave sacrifice and noble cause should never be forgotten." The Fuhrer urged the people of the South to join him in his cause and "right the blasphemous injustice that has been visited upon your region by the inhumane and corrupt Reconstruction."

The speech was heard by millions and the next day rallies broke out in Memphis, Atlanta, New Orleans, Dallas, Jackson, Little Rock, Jacksonville, Florida, Birmingham and Charleston, South Carolina in support of secession and alliance with Nazi Germany. The roar of public support was heard in the State Houses and soon a regional referendum was scheduled. Despite threats of reciprocation by President Roosevelt, the South went to the ballot box on August 1, 1938 to decide wether or not to remain in the Union........

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i'm going to include Oklahoma, Missouri, Kentucky, and West Virgina in the states having the referendum, I do believe

candidates aren't really the issue, and I don't think I'll include but one for each side - FDR for Union and someone for Secession (have to look around)

issues would be:

Secession, of course


National Socialism


Voting Rights




War in Europe

stuff like

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i'm totally intrigued by this idea now

seems totally plausible - only drawback would be the relative small size of the German Navy to ship stuff to the Confederacy - but that is a frippery

they had U-boat dominace in '38, could easily get past Union blockades, probably maybe, go the Southern route down around the West Indies and up into the Gulf to New Orleans.....

holy shite!

think about it for a second.

bad ass redneck boys in 'bama, mis'sippi, ark'saw, texas (which was as Rebel, more so, than most "deep south" states), Loose-e-anna, Ga-ja - them boys be all for forming up Militias to keep "franklin jewsevelt" and the "Jewnited States of America" OUT

they got corn liquor moonshine and shotguns and fighting dogs and not a whole hell of a lot else to do

Hitler play it right............

hmmm :huh:

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not too stereotypical

in 1930s america there were still many alive on both sides that fought or lived during the Civil War. The pains of Reconstruction were still being felt in the Old South, poverty was widespread in the white and afro-american communities, but whites were resentful still of Yankee carpetbaggers who'd come and stole allt hier stuff and having to share w/ "coloreds"

look at post-civil war election results - two different countries, really - one that had been, to thier minds, purposefully marginallized by the Yankee elite (some of whom might have been Jewish bankers or, worse even, Catholics!) and one that was prospering on the other's misfortunes

add in Depression era woes and I do not think its too far of a strech that Nazi ideas could've caught on (ironically, most of the "fifth column" US Nazi's were located in the Midwest, not the South). Lot of German settlers in parts of Texas as well......

FDR would've been up against it HARD, had this scenerio played out. Start another Civil War? Don't think that would've been an option - the country was bankrupt, the military had all but been mothballed, and I do not think the nation would've had the will to go through another one so soon

in fact, he might have seen it as something of a relief, having the responsibility for most of the worst impoverished areas shifted from Washington to Berlin....

not that the new Confederate States of America would have to be hostile to the USA at all, no reason to. too much trade is already occuring, too many ties to sever, plus, at the time, Hitler was winning Time Magaizne Man of the Year awards and the racist policies and atrocities were not widely, or even marginally, known in the West. and it wasn't exactly like the North and Midwest were Edens of racial tolerence either, not by a long shot - hell, not 10 yrs earlier, KKK rallies in Vermont, that's VERMONT, attracked 1000s. Facsism was something new and, superfically at least, appeared to be working. Think, in the event of a Secessionist movement, FDR would've probably cow-towed to it (he owed his election largely to Southern Democratic dominence), compromised, and allowed it to happen w/ negotitated terms (sharing military bases, continued interstate commerce, a 'special rellationship') - maybe

anyway, I'm gonn do it just cuz I can :P

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  • 3 weeks later...

haven't got past the conseptual part yet

if you are interested in such a thing, tell me and I will go through the process of doing it - feels more like "work" than "fun" at the moment........

ah well

if there were a way to set it so that the Electoral Results had to be unamnimous, instead of majority - ie, if Missouri said "no" the whole thing would collapse in and of itself, then maybe

otherwise, a fractured Confederacy, w/o say Kentuckey, North Carolina, maybe even Florida (which, at one time, gave more votes to George Wallace than Geroge McGovern..........)


say Yea or Nay, please

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