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I wrote a denunciation speech last night. My mood is now more somber and sad than angry. I can't tell you how many countless hour I've spent on this forum the last 7 or 8 years. Before I post my speech. I want to thank you all for making this forum wonderful, when it was was wonderful. I've made true friends here. 

For those that want to continue the community we had, I've built a new forum. It is for us. Send me a private message with your email or contact another (formerly) active user to reach this forum. I've gotten about 15 to 20 inquires already. @admin_270 is welcome, even though I'm going to momentarily tear into him. I hold no permanent anger for him. 

While I could give a somber address. I will present the speech I wrote last night as it best captures. the anger that we all have. The speech is actually in the mode of a denunciation speech given commonly by the Roman Cicero. As this is a Forum, it seems only appropriate that I give the oration on the corpse of this forum:


If this is my last post, then so be it. 

I've been a daily member of this forum for 7 years. The last few weeks have been the worst weeks on this forum and by no small margin. While a contributing cause has been the 2020 election, the primary cause has been one person: Political Pundit. 
We have had conservatives and Trump supporters before. Tensions arise but are brief. They are never sustained. This one is sustained. Whereas temp bans occurred once every 4 or 6 months, they now occur multiple times at once. I have no doubt that if Political Pundit were not here and some other Trump supporter were here that these angry posts, such as this one, would not be written. This denotes another problem: Admin himself. 
The collapse of a forum's harmony and a revolt of the most active users underscores a problem. Admin's instinct is to ban those in protest. He pays no attention to Political Pundit's guerilla tactics -- perversely seeking to agitate and rile us up in hopes that we personally attack him, so he can squeal for Admin to defend him. Admin will defend him. He has no law to inhibit people from provoking attacks purposely. He has no law to restrain someone who perversely seeks to destroy the harmony of the forum. He has no law to protect the majority from a minority upriser that brings no good intentions, carries no respect for others, and has no love for this forum. Indeed, it seems Admin, too, has no love for this forum. At least, not anymore. More love he has for Political Pundit than he does he have for Forum harmony or its leading members. Such is the power of Political Pundit.
When, Political Pundit, do you mean to cease abusing our patience?! How long is that madness of yours still to mock this forum?! When is there to be an end of that unbridled brashness?! Does not the glares and the words of this venerable forum body have any effect upon you? Do you not see that it is you--and not your views--that are detested?
If you choose to hold your ground, so be it. The forum is half itself since tainted by you. For this protest, a lifetime ban would be a reward:
Political Pundit, you are not worthy of this forum or of the attention of the members of this forum! 
Shame on Admin for protecting him and perversely and autocratically banning the loyal and active members of this forum for rightfully responding to one so cancerous in his intent in sapping the harmony of this forum! Shame on you! 
No doubt, Admin will be unmoved like a Gaddafi, and Political Pundit, like a Warner Brothers cartoon, will remain unchanged in his behavior as he's incapable of overhearing himself. 
I accept my upcoming banning. May it be permanently. This forum is dead to me. Let it foster or fester under Political Pundit. All others seeking to continue our discussions may feel free to follow me elsewhere. 

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Gotta comment here.

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" perversely seeking to agitate and rile us up in hopes that we personally attack him, so he can squeal for Admin to defend him." -



"We have had conservatives and Trump supporters before"

And notice how 0 of them other than @Conservative Elector 2 remain? Why is that? 





- Discussing a topic and debating with a poster

- A random poster inserts themself into the conversation:

not to discuss the topic at hand

or talk about a random subject

but to ATTACK me as a POSTER, ("You're so stupid. You have 0 brain cells. Just a Trump troll. You should just block him..)

- Chaos


Very unfortunate. Bye! 

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