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1988 Election RP - A New Era


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President Reagan has reached his term limit and for the first time in 8 long years it looks as though the Democrats may have a shot, and they know so. Many big name Democrats have entered the race in the hopes of bringing their party back to the White House, though, maybe an outsider or a more obscure candidate could storm the field and maybe even be the champion the Democrats need.

Still, the Republicans aren't done yet. They have strong popularity coming from Reagan and two landslide victories that say the Democrats may still need to prove themselves capable of of breaking 100 EVs before they can think about returning to the White House. At the moment VP George HW Bush seems to be the presumptive nominee for his party, though his position is not unshakeable. With the Iran-Contra affair looming maybe the Republicans will want a break from the Reagan administration possibly moving to a more moderate wing of the party, or maybe by selecting a candidate with the same values but a cleaner record.

Only time will tell...


As you've probably guessed this is a 1988 election RP, I hope you enjoyed the setup. So, please feel free to pick your candidate, hopefully we'll be able to start off soon!

Chosen Candidates
@TheLiberalKitten - Michael Dukakis

@PringlesN7 - Al Gore

@The Blood - Jesse Jackson

@Reagan04 - Phyllis Schlafly

@Hestia11 - Nancy Kassebaum

@WVProgressive - Patrica Schroeder

@Sean F. Kennedy - John Glenn

@superezione - Joe Biden

@Zenobiyl - Jack Kemp

@ALiteralNeoliberal - George HW Bush

@Cenzonico - Ron Paul


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