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Election Confidence Poll


Election Confidence Poll  

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  1. 1. How Confident are you in the outcome of the election?

    • 100% sure Trump wins
    • 90% Trump wins
    • 80% Trump wins
    • 70% Trump wins
    • 60% Trump wins
    • 50/50 Tossup
    • 60% Biden wins
    • 70% Biden wins
    • 80% Biden wins
    • 90% Biden wins
    • 100% sure Biden wins.

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12 hours ago, Actinguy said:

You think the foreign policy we’ve had for almost 80 years (post WWII) is making us “that much more unsafe”?

I don’t know how old you are, but in my 37 years, I’ve NEVER had to fear for my life against foreign attack.  Even on 9/11, when I was 18 years old, I watched with a mix of anger, horror, and sorrow — but I didn’t worry that it was going to keep happening.  And...nineteen years later...that’s held up so far.

Now, if you come from an era where you had to practice hiding under your desk for protection from a nuclear strike, then I get it.  But failing that, this foreign policy has kept you pretty damned safe your entire life.

Our foreign policy is what caused 9-11 and has led to the instability in the middle east.

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12 hours ago, Actinguy said:

One promotes the science, one laughs at it.  That’s the difference, on the COVID front.

Yep, Presidents aren’t going to be the scientists who cure the disease, or the soldiers who win the war, or the economists who pull us back from financial collapse, etc.

But they do choose who to listen to, and what to do with that information.

Biden listens to the experts.  Trump listens to the sycophants.

That's not exactly true. Trump did follow the task forces recommendations.

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